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June 26, 2018
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August 2, 2018
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Statement by Syrian CSOs in response to the Syrian regime attack against civilians in SouthernSyria

In clear violation of the de-escalation zone agreement, the Syrian Regime and its Russian ally associated with foreign militias from Iran and Hezbollah have launched a brutal military operation against civilians in Southern Syria, adopting a scorched-earth policy, despite the calm and stability that prevailed in the region for nearly a year as a result of the FSA commitment factions to the terms of that agreement.
This military campaign which has started on the 19th of June 2018 in Southern Syria, targeting densely populated areas has led to a disastrous humanitarian situation and a vast destruction of infrastructure, characterized by loss of more than two hundred and fourteen civilian casualties, and hundreds of injured and wounded, in addition to the targeting of medical facilities and staff, civil defense teams, and other civil service organizations, which led to a massive Forcive displacement for more than 198,000 thousand civilians to safer areas that lacks all means to host these populations, in a flagrant violation of all international conventions for the protection of civilians.
All international laws and conventions related to conflict and international humanitarian law imposes on all military forces to make efforts to neutralize civilians from the conflict and to provide them with safe corridors to flee the areas where military operations are taking place, and not deliberately starving civilians or prevent relief supplies from reaching them, otherwise these forces will be accused of committing war crimes according to international criminal law.
We, as Syrian civil society organisations, confirm our full solidarity with the civilians of our people in Southern Syria, and we declare that we will do our best to serve and protect all of those civilians who are facing all kinds of suffering. We are also holding the international community and the sponsors of the political process accountable to the protection of civilians. We emphasize that the continuation of this military operation undermines any political transition process that reaches to the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people’s, guaranteed by the relevant international resolutions.
Therefore, we the undersigned of this statement, demand the following:
1. We call the UN Security Council to convene in an emergency session to adopt a resolution that would include an immediate cessation of all military operations since it is a flagrant violation of the previous resolutions, in particular the 2254 resolution.
2. The UN Special Envoy, Mr. Staffan De Mistoura, to take a clear position regarding the military operation launched by the Syrian Regime and its allies against the civilians in Southern Syria and its disastrous effects on civilians. We notify that the continuation of the military operation will undermine the path of the political solution.
3. We demand the United Nations to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced civilians in Southern Syria, who are suffering from a serious humanitarian disaster and do not have the basic necessities of life because of this military campaign.
4. We are demanding that Russian Federation commits to the de-escalation zone agreement in Southern Syria, which sponsored by itself in the past year, and reminding that the Free Syrian army factions in the south have fully complied with the terms of the convention until the date of the start of the military campaign mentioned.
5. To allow humanitarian action across borders and to bring relief convoys urgently and immediately and coordinate with the civil administrations in the south to deliver aid to civilians and to increase their resilience.
6. Prevent the usage of the surroundings of Dar’a city as military bases to bomb the civilian areas in Dar’a, in order to preserve the unity of the Syrian social fabric in Southern Syria.
7. We emphasize on the right of individuals to stay in their land as said in all international laws and conventions.
The undersigned organizations:
1- SANSD for people with special needs
2- Access Center for Human Rights
3- Adaleh organization for relief and development
4- Adel . Ehsan org
5- Almarj hospital
6- Asharq aspirin agency
7- Ayn almadina magazine
8- Badmat amal
9- Baytna Syria
10- Center for Cultural Return
11- Child Care and Protection of Women
12- Damascus Countryside Reporters Network
13- Daraia
15- H.R.C ((humanitarian relief committee)
16- Hawa Syria
17- Hope Volunteering Team
18- Humanitarian Restoration Hope
19- IYD (humanitarian relief Association)
20- Jana Watan
21- jasmin
22- Jasmine Dream Organization
23- Kawakbi Center for Transitional Justice and Human Rights
24- La Tahzan Charity
25- Local coordination committees of syria
26- Local Development and Small-Projects Support (LDSPS)
28- Sabeq Foundation For Charity and Development
29- sakhaa
30- salsabeel charity
31- SAWA for peace building & democracy
32- SCM – Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
33- Syri Legal Network – NL
34- Center for Democratic Republic Studies
35- Syrian activists monitoring organization
37- Syrian Center for Studies and Human Rights
38- Syrian civil society organizations
39- Syrian Institute for Juctice
40- Syrian Network for Human Rights.
41- The Day Aftee
42- UOSSM (Union of medical care and relief organization)
43- WATAN Network
44- Wifaq
45- Women Now for Development
46- Yaad Bead
47- Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets)

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