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July 3, 2018
Darna Youth Center (cyber learning )
August 2, 2018
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Darna Youth Center (Mustafa Shares His Love For Reading)

Period: Aug,2018 to Oct, 2018


Location: North of Syria, Marat  Misrin

Mustafa, a 26 years old young man, he has a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering.

Mustafa is from the town of Mohammadah which is about 40 KM away from the city of

Marat  Misreen. He is fond of reading books but because there was no library in his town,

Mustafa used to travel every day to Marat  Misreen to find new books.

Mohammed says: I couldn’t find any Book center in my area. I tried to read online but I

found it quite tiring and not enjoyable. Today I can find all the books that I love with the

lovable smell of its pages, where I can choose the books I want from a pool of valuable


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