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August 7, 2018
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September 1, 2018
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Olive Branch youth center(Ahmad The 18-year- old humanitarian worker)

Period: Aug 07,2018 to Nov 02, 2018

Location: North of Syria, Idlib, Ariha

Case study:

The 18-year- old trainee Ahmad Mohammad Habak, is a baccalaureate student who knew from Ariha local council that Olive branch has opened a center for youth capacity building which aims at developing youth skills and integrating them into the humanitarian work. Ahmad joined the Males’ Club and was excited to attend the training course. Along with his classmates, Ahmad received training on: Development Project Management, Mobilization and Advocacy, Civil Participation, Leadership and Communication skills.

Ahmed used to feel very embarrassed to speak in public.

He said,I used to feel embarrassed to answer my teacher’s questions at school although I know the correct answers, but after I’ve attended the training I can now participate in the class”. He is now more self-confident and can express his thoughts clearly. Ahmad added, ” as a baccalaureate student, I’ve learned how to organize my time and my study.”

After his participation in planning and implementing the initiative of rehabilitating Ariha Sports Stadium, Ahmed developed his problem-solving skills. “During the planning of the stadium rehabilitation, we faced a problem in the fence of the stadium, where the area of the fence is large so it’ll be very expensive, but we could think together to figure out the proper solution.”

Moreover, Ahmad thought of a project that serves his community. Under the supervision of his trainer, Ahmad and his classmates wrote up a project proposal of establishing a training center. His successful experience with the training, made Ahmad believe in the importance of youth capacity building.

He said,” The idea has become a project proposal ready for implementation and we can give it to anyone to implement it for the benefit of Ariha where the youth can activate their energy in the right path.”

He wanted to participate in the humanitarian work and to play a positive role in the well-being of his community.

Ahmad said ” I am fully aware now of the qualities of a successful leader. I have enhanced my strengths and the ability to find solutions to overcome my weaknesses.”

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