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September 26, 2018
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October 12, 2018
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Emissa Center (Jody The Future Photographer)

Period: Sept 26,2018 to Oct 07, 2018

Location: North of Syria, Idlib, community center/ Sarmada

Case study:

Jody is a girl with 16 years, she is from Khan Shaykun.
Because of the bad situation in her town, she left with her family to an area safer than Khan Shaykun, she lives now in Dana.
Jody likes to work in Journalism and Media field. When she knew that there is training in Photography presented from Emissa through qualified trainers, she follows the instructions to be one of the trainees.
It is the first time for Jody to have training in photography, she learns how to use the camera in a professional way, in addition, to know the different types of lens.
Jody now can use the camera to take many types of photos such as but not limited to (macro, portrait, videos), through using a stand or without it.
Jody said: in spite of difficult war circumstances, the youth try to develop their hobbies and interests, through training from a different humanitarian organization.
Jody has enough bold to hold the camera, use it and make reports through using the camera.
She says: “when I know about the training period (eight days), I think that I will not get enough benefit from it, but the information I got it is very useful and enough for me to start my dreams with working as a photographer.
“The training was very useful for me and the other participants, I can give it 90%”.

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