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September 1, 2018
Emissa Center (Jody The Future Photographer)
September 26, 2018
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Emissa’s community center (Hanan Painting Her Dreams )

Period: Sept 26,2018 to Oct 07, 2018

Location: North of Syria, Idlib, community center/ Sarmada

Case study:

Hanan is a youth with age 22 years, she lives in Dana/Idleb. She studies in chemical faculty.
She likes art painting, considering it as the only hobby.
Since her old was 14 years, she uses the art painting as a way to get rid of the psychological stress and negative emotions, after that the art painting became as a hobby.
Hanan didn’t attend any training like this one which holds in Elissa’s community center, but usually, she follows up many videos from YouTube to improve her hobby.
When she knows about the art painting in Emissa’s community center, she registers to be one of the trainees in this training.
“I have good knowledge about the art painting, especially drawing the faces in the right way”.
She says: the current situation in Syria has negatively affected people, these circumstances forced the Syrian to neglect their hobbies, but many humanitarian organizations work on creating a good environment to conduct training and sessions about youth hobbies.
“Three days for training in ART is not enough, I hope to increase the period especially for ART training, but the whole training, in general, is nice and I can give it 80%.

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