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December 4, 2018
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January 31, 2019
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Demanding the TRUTH

Five years have passed since the kidnapping of our four friends and colleagues in Douma: Samira AlKhalil, Razan Zeitouna, Wael Hamada and Nazem Hammadi, on the night of December 9, 2013.
Five years, appear like decades due to too many events and upsets that occurred. Five years, and we are still faced with the bitter fact that we still do not know the whereabouts of our friends and colleagues. The fate of Razan, Samira, Nazem and Wael is still unknown. They were abducted from Douma, and Duma was abducted back under the control of the Syrian regime.
After moving to the north of Syria, the leaders of the factions that previously operated in al-Ghouta, in particular those of the Jaish Al Islam, the first and direct responsible for the disclosure of the fate of the four absentees, those leaders have the freedom of movement and public appearance, and we, those who accompanied the path of the four, others who just knew them or those who just shared their dream of a new Syria providing freedom, dignity and justice equally to all its citizens; we feel the pain of our inability to force those leaders to reveal what they know about the disappearance and fate of Razan, Samira, Nazem and Wael until now.
Our inability comes from the inadequacy of our tools, as civil activists and organizations, facing military factions and security apparatuses. But we will remain able to hold to the right of all of us to know the truth and to continue the pressure on those capable of influencing the leaders of the factions that were operating in the eastern Ghouta, and above all Jaish Al Islam, to reveal what they know about the kidnapping of the four and about their fate.
We call upon the leaders of all the factions that operated in the eastern Ghouta, particularly the leaders of Jaish Al Islam to reveal all the information they possess about this crime.
We call upon all the states that have a role in Syria, and in particular the Turkish authorities, to exert all possible pressure on those leaders to get them to reveal the truth.
Most of the activities that the four activists were carrying out during the Syrian revolution are still in place. The faith of those who continued their path is still strong despite complicated challenges and obstacles. It was a pledge made by those who shared hope and worked together: that the action that the four co-created would continue. Many still keep the promise, while many others have paid their lives for this common hope. Five years and the four activists are absent, and we will not stop seeking to uncover the truth and make it prevail.

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