Kesh Malek is a Non-profit Civil Society Organization established as part of the Syrian revolutionary non-violent movement in late 2011. We work towards a transition in Syria which demolishes the existing totalitarian regime and shifts the country to a civil, pluralistic, and democratic state which respects human rights and enshrines citizenship and justice In Kesh Malek we believe that change most evolve from the community first, and its success is linked to the participation of all its components.







To build a civil, democratic, Pluralistic, and independent state in Syria, a state which respects Human rights and enshrines the citizenship and justice


We believe that the Syrian revolution is the main mean of real change in Syria, in order to shift the state from a totalitarian regime and into a democratic state with no place for tyranny; A state that respects the rights of its citizens and establishes freedom and justice.


  • Create a model educational environment and provide modern education for children in Syria in the best interests of the child.
  • To seek effective participation and fair representation of women in local government institutions and in political platforms and platforms.
  • Enable and build the capacity of Syrian civil society initiatives, and encourage joint action.
  • Combating extremist Ideology by strengthening the values Kesh Malek is holding and transforming it into practice within society.


Kesh Malek now works in the following sectors, in order to achieve the desired change:

Education and Child Protection,Women Empowerment,A Country’s Identity,Human Rights,Advocacy,