LDSPS was born in 2013, derived from the Local Coordination Committees (LCC) to support the local structures in the “Liberated Zones”. Based on its vision it has set itself an objective of empowering the local community inside these zones and then throughout Syria.


Human Rights

The importance of reinforcing the role of women in society.

The aspirations of the Syrian people to Freedom, dignity and justice.

Citizenship as the fundament of the future of Syria.


Promoting democratic citizenship at the level of local communities is a necessary step towards achieving stability and a sustainable democratic system for the country where interests of all Syrians are represented and their aspirations to freedom and dignity are met.


The mission of LDSPS is to empower sustainable local governing structures and local civil society initiatives to serve, represent, and advocate for all community members.


  • Stabilization and sustainability of the local councils
  • Providing services to the local population.
  • Local coordination and capacity building.
  • Raising the local awareness and improving the local individual participation in the public life.


Projects covers different aspects of life trying to make the life easier to those in the besieged areas,we function in eastern-Ghouta,Here is some of our projects:

1- Supporting SAJ Bread
2- Organising Duma’s Traffic Project
3- Women Now Project
4- Back To School
5- Traffic Police Support
6- Training Educators