Olive Branch is a Syrian CSO that has been working since 2012; it aims at building and developing stronger communities through focusing on Education, Protection, livelihoods, women empowerment and community awareness. Olive Branch operates mostly in Southern areas of Syria, mainly in Deraa and Quneitra, and more recently they have started working in several Northern areas of Syria.







Olive Branch respects all people regardless to their origin, race and belief. It works hard to protect people 's dignity and secure their human rights


build an intellectually and psychologically  empowered generation of children through striving to secure all the necessities to ensure continuity of the education and development process


  • adopt an efficient long-term strategy to combat ignorance and build life and hope among Syrian family members through three main axes: development, rehabilitation and education
  • Supporting livelihood small income generating activities Providing educational, cultural activities, and vocational training
  • Offering safe spaces for traumatized children, providing psychosocial support and psychological first aid.
  • Provide education for all children and provide safe places for them and eligible to receive them.


Olive Branch works towards implementing productive and development projects to achieve beneficiaries’ self-sufficiency within the existing resources.

  • Education – Remedial, SLP, ALP, Emergency, Pre-school
  • Protection – PSS, Women Empowerment, CP, Youth Empowerment, Case Management, Referral
  • WASH – Sanitation, Environmental Campaign, Garbage Disposal
  • Early Recovery – Agricultural, Livestock, Small Business, Start-up Cash Grant,Vocational Training, Cash for Work
  • Shelter/NFI – First Aid Awareness, Winterization, Shelter kits, Tents