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February 13, 2018
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Wednesday 07th February 2018 11:51 AM
Press Statement from the Syrian non-governmental organizations and networks on the assault on health facilities and civilians in Idlib
Lack of sufficient response to eastern Ghouta and the need for change
Gaziantep – 9 March 2018: An inter-agency convoy of forty-six trucks carrying health and nutrition supplies has entered Douma city on 5 March 2018 supposedly to be enough for 27,500 people1 of the 393,000 trapped in eastern Ghouta. The same day of the convoy recorded the highest daily toll since 24th February2 in which at least 100 were killed including a dentist, Dr. Ahmad Wahbah3. This convoy came despite the conflict and the slaughter of civilians in eastern Ghouta are ongoing4.
Since 18 February, eastern Ghouta has been under a monstrous campaign of annihilation and humanitarian situation is extremely deteriorating. 719 people have been killed5, many of them children, and other 5,642 have been injured in intense aerial attacks by Syrian regime and its allies on the besieged enclave.
In addition to the removal of 70% of medical supplies from the convoy by Syrian regime, the UN has reported that 14 trucks out of forty-six returned to Damascus without being fully offloaded, leading to nearly half of the food6 carried on the convoy could not be delivered.
It is known since 2014 that removal of essential medical items and life-saving assistance from United Nations inter-agency convoys has been a regular practice by the Syrian regime. No official report was ever published clarifying the reasons, while in principle, parties to the conflict have no right to interfere in the response.
According to a UN statement issued on 4 March 2018, the UN and their partners have received approval to deliver assistance for 70,000 people in need in Douma. However, the Syrian and Russian forces did not allow secure, unhindered and sustained access for United Nations’ and their partners’ humanitarian convoys, including medical and surgical supplies. This violates what is demanded by UNSC resolution 2401.
The undersigned NGOs are requesting United Nations office in Damascus to answer the following:
1. In the application of UNSC resolution 2401, what are the measures United Nations will apply to ensure parties to the conflict in Syria stop interfering in humanitarian assistance formulation and delivery. How UN will ensure that the rest of the convoy approved for 70,000 population in Douma is going to be delivered according to the assessed people’s need not Syrian regime agenda?
2. Clarify reasons for asking for the cessation of hostilities to have access to people in need in Syria7, while proved on 5 March 2018 that aid could be delivered despite the ongoing conflict.
Syrian NGO Alliance represented in:
  1. Al Sham Humanitarian Foundation – AHF.
  2. Big Heart Foundation.
  3. Binaa Organization for Development.
  4. Ghiras Al Nahda.
  5. Ghiras Foundation for Child Care.
  6. Hand In Hand for Syria.
  7. Ihsan for Relief and Development – IRD.
  8. Masrrat – The Syrian Establishment For Human Care & Enhancement.
  9. Physician Across Continents – PAC Turkey.
  10. Syrian Expatriate Medical Association – SEMA.
  11. Social Development International – SDI.
  12. Syria Relief and Development – SRD.
  13. Syria Relief – SR.
  14. Takaful Al Sham Charity Organization.
  15. Union of Relief and Medical Care Organizations – UOSSM.
  16. Violet Organization for Relief and Development.
  17. Shaml CSOs Coalition
  18. Syrian General Union
  19. Syria Relief Network
  20. Syrian Network for Human Rights
  21. Syrian Forum
  22. Syrian Associations Platform
  23. Syrian Feminist Lobby
  24. Alkawakibi Organization For Human Rights
  25. Syrians for Truth and Justice – STJ
  26. Provincial Council of Rural Damascus
  27. Space Of Peace
  28. The Syrian Organization for Human Rights and Legal Aid (Justice)
  29. Syria Center for Media and Freedom of Expression – SCM
  30. Ataa for Humanitarian Relief Association
  31. Humanitarian Relief Association
  32. International Supporting Woman Association
  33. Independent Doctors Association
  34. Ghiras Alkhaeer Humanitarian
  35. Alwafaa for Relief and Development
  36. Arzaq humanitarian foundation
  37. Sana community for supporting women
  38. Alseeraj for Development and Healthcare
  39. Barq Center for Consulting and Future Studies
  40. INSAN for Psychosocial Support
  41. Zumrud for Relief and Development
  42. Association AlBeer Humanity France
  43. Zeyd bin Sabit NGO
  44. Ehsas Relief Agency
  45. Adaleh Foundation
  46. Ahl Horan Association
  47. Himma Association
  48. Hayat Organization
  49. Palmyra Relief
  50. White Smile
  51. Insan Charity
  52. Roia


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