April 19, 2018
Syrian organizations deplore the Syrian regime assumption of the presidency of Conference Disarmament
May 30, 2018
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Statement of the Syrian Networks League and Civil Society Organizations Regarding the civil society

Mr. Secretary-General of the United Nations High Representative
Ms. Mogherini Ministers Members of the Brussels Conference,
April 2018
The Syrian civil society organizations and their activists have played a major role over seven years in alleviating the suffering of the Syrian people and conveying their voice and the image of their suffering in all international forums, both in providing services and basic needs in the absence of the governmental role and even the negative role that the Syrian regime has played in politicalizing the delivery of basic services and needs based on its concept of reward and punishment. In addition, the Syrian civil society organizations have possessed a pivotal part in documenting the crimes committed in the absence or weakening of international efforts toward justice. Moreover, the Syrian civil society organizations have been working hard to support the political tracks which bring to a halt bloodshed, consider dignity and freedom of the Syrians as a compass of any solution and places justice as a necessary and essential condition for any solution. The Syrian civil society organizations and individuals have faced many obstacles to reaching their demands, especially in terms of their representation mechanisms, both in the peace talks platforms in Geneva or in other international conference platforms, often with no more than an inoperative cosmetic role aimed at having representatives of the Syrian society that cannot change the outcomes of these meetings. Despite the organizers’ efforts to overcome this permanent problem, the Brussels Conference 2018 included the largest presence of civil society through an incomprehensible mechanism that clearly shows indiscrimination, individualism and lack of standards to base on in the selection and invitation mechanism designed by the Office of the Special Envoy to accommodate the forces present at the Geneva talks as if the civil society’s role is to obtain the satisfaction of all. The Syrian civil society was allowed to choose less than a quarter of its representatives, while the rest were appointed in a personal and direct manner. This continued to include the Brussels 2018 conference until it ended with a statement in the ministerial meeting that wasn’t offered to any of the organizations signed below. Consequently, we deplore this statement as representing the Syrian civil society. We affirm our belief in a political solution in accordance with the Geneva process and resolution 2254 to ensure accountability for all crimes committed against the Syrians by the Syrian regime as well as crimes committed by all parties of the conflict. We also emphasize the importance of continuing to support the humanitarian and development programs in Syria and the neighboring countries hosting the Syrian refugees, and the need to clarify the concepts of reconstruction and early recovery so as not to allow these programs to be placed at the disposal of the Syrian regime or any of the other parties to be used politically or as a war weapon against the Syrians. The undersigned Syrian Networks League and organizations call for the establishment of transparent representation mechanism for the Syrian civil society that ensures a clear articulation of their voice beyond the current decorative role, in a way that avoids the constant pressure exerted by the Office of the Special Envoy to extract consensual papers which ignore the view of the majority of Syrian civil society and don’t not fulfill its demands or take into consideration its sacrifices.
1. Abrar Organization
2. Activists Opinion
3. Adaleh organization
4. Ahl Horan Association
5. Ahlmaltfole
6. Al Iman
7. Alaoda
8. Alaz Alasel
9. Alber Humainty France
10. Albonian Almarsos Organization
11. Alkawakibi Organization For Human Rights
12. Anemon
13. Arzaq Humen
14. Badael Foundation
15. Bader Charity Organization
16. Basmatamal
17. Binaa
18. Bonyan
19. Civil Care
20. Csd Civil Society Development
21. Nasaem Society
22. Önder
23. Obaida charity
24. Orphans Documentation Center
25. Physicians Across Continents Pac
26. Rakeen
27. Sabeq Foundation For Charity And Development
28. Shafak Alnour Association
29. Sadad Humanitarian Organization
30. Sakhaa Group
31. Salsabeel Charity
32. Shaml Csos Coalition
33. Social Development International
34. Sons shahba
35. Sos Syrie France
36. Sound And Picture
37. Space Of Hope Organization
38. Suriyeli Dernekler Platformu
39. Syria Society For Relief And Development
40. Center for Women’s Support and Development
41. Aleppo Free Lawyers Syndicate
42. Lawyers and Physicians for Human Rights
43. Syrian Center For Studies And Human Rights
44. Rohamaa Tkad
45. Syria Al-Bokamam
46. Daleel Alkhair
47. Dawlaty
48. Decostamine Initiative
49. Deplomatic Cervice In Lattakia Covernorale
50. Door Beyond War
51. Ehsas Relief
52. Ellaf Union For Relief And Development
53. Emissa
54. Ensar Mazlumlar
55. Ghiras Alkhaeer Humanitarian
56. Halabi House Forum
57. Hayat
58. Human Brothers
59. Humanitarian Restoration Hope
60. Imaar Reconstruction Organization
61. Insan Charity
62. International Humanitarian Relief
63. Islamic Sham Organization
64. Jana Watan
65. Jasmine Association
66. Justice Network For Syrian Women
67. Kesh Malek
68. Khairat Foundation For Relief And Development
69. Kks
70. La Tahzan Charity
71. Local Development Organization
72. Local Development And Small-Projects Support (Ldsps)
73. Masar
74. Masrrat
75. Misk Humanitarian Organization
76. Syrian Center For Studies And Human Rights
77. Syrian Unity And Cooperation Society
78. Syrian Women For Democracy (Switzerland)
79. Syrian General Union
80. Syrian NGOs Alliance
81. Syria Relief Network
82. Syrian Networks League
83. Takaful Alsham Charity Organization
84. The Care For Victims Of War
85. The Day After
86. Union Of Syrian Civil Society Organizations
87. Watan Network
88. Women Now For Development
89. Zeyd Bin Sabit
90. Al Noorain Charity for Humanitarian Affairs

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