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August 2, 2018
Olive Branch Center (Ahmad ” devote his energy in the right path”)
August 7, 2018
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Olive Branch Youth Center ( Ahmad Devote His Energy In The Right Path)

Period: Aug 07,2018 to Nov 02, 2018

Location: North of Syria, Idlib, Ariha

Case study:

The 19-year- old trainee Ahmad Samer Kamal, is a first-year student at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. He saw a post on Ariha local council Facebook page says that Olive branch has opened a center for youth capacity building which aims at developing youth skills and integrating them into the humanitarian work. Ahmad joined the Males’ Club and was excited to attend the training course which included Development Project Management, Mobilization and Advocacy, Civil Participation, Leadership and Communication skills.
When Ahmad read about the training topics, he thought that this would ” devote his energy in the right path

“. He explained that the training sessions developed his life skills in general, and study skills in particular. He said,” from now on I will prepare better for my exams because I’ve learned how to examine topics in depth.”

In addition, Ahmad expressed that he learnt how to develop ideas to be a project proposal that serves his community.

” After attending the training at Olive Branch Center, the quality of my ideas changed…they became more useful … the Project Management training enabled me to employ the right project at the right time to serve the people of my community.”

He wanted to think of an initiative that devotes youth energies “in the right path”. He told his trainer about his idea to rehabilitate Ariha Sports Stadium.

” In the past, I couldn’t develop my ideas, but now I can develop my ideas to be reality”.

His trainer and classmates liked his idea and supported him. Under the supervision of their trainers, Ahmed and his classmates developed the project proposal and implemented it.

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