Olive Branch Center (Ahmad ” devote his energy in the right path”)
August 7, 2018
Olive Branch youth center(Ahmad The 18-year- old humanitarian worker)
August 8, 2018
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Olive Branch Women Empowerment Center (Basma The Leader )

Period: Aug 07,2018 to Nov 02, 2018

Location: North of Syria, Idlib, Ariha

Case study:

The 22-year- old trainee Basma Hassan Aloush, is a fifth-year student at the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. She knew from Ariha local council that Olive branch has opened a center for youth capacity building which aims at developing youth skills and integrating them into the humanitarian work. Basmeh joined the Females’ Club and was eager to attend the training course “. Along with her classmates, Basmeh received training on Development Project Management, Mobilization, and Advocacy, Civil Participation, Leadership and Communication skills. This training course enhanced Basma’s and her classmates’ self-confidence, collaborative work and managerial skills. “Through the training, we learned how to strengthen our self-confidence and how to believe in our power and thoughts.  I mean, from now on when I will discuss any point of view or suggest an idea, I won’t do that before I have studied it in details. It should have future dimensions.

” Basmeh added ” now I can express my ideas and give recommendations with confidence because I’ve learned how to think deeply and figure out the advantages and disadvantages of any thought. ”

Moreover, Basmeh has developed her collaborative skills. She said

“I used to work individually. I was against the idea of teamwork, but this concept has been changed now after these training sessions … thanks to the trainers. At the beginning, I insisted to work alone when they gave us exercises. Later, I found out that I could come out with only one or two ideas while when working with groups I could come out with richer and deeper ideas.”

Basmeh has also developed her communication and leadership skills.

She learned how to be “a good manager that can solve employee’s problems with good listening and being wise… I can give them suitable tasks… I can do organized work”

Furthermore, she has developed her concept of women’s work as well as the social perspective of women’s social status.

” In the sessions, we discussed the concept of gender and women’s role in social life along with the humanitarian work … we realized the importance of women’s role in society being more effective than men…there are a lot of mothers, sisters who work inside and outside the house… this proves that women are strong and capable of coping with difficulties.” She believes that now she “can now develop theoretical thoughts to put them into practice”. 

She can advocate for the society respect for all women regardless of their social status such as divorced or widowed, and for social and legal rules that protect women from any kind of harassment and abuse.” Basmeh said.


Basma tried to think of a project that can serve the whole community. Under the supervision of the trainers, Basmeh and her classmates prepared a project proposal about establishing a library at a secondary school to revive the reading culture in their community. They all together managed to overcome the problems that faced them while implementing this initiative and could find appropriate solutions because “[they] have been trained in problem-solving skills and logical reasoning “. Basmeh was also happy because she could recommend a useful topic for the advocacy campaign in her community.

” I proposed the importance of supporting higher education in my city. I could persuade my trainers and classmates by listing the pros and cons of this issue. I could see now my thoughts being taken into consideration and implemented!”


Being an agricultural engineering student, Basmeh with the support of her trainers could write up a project proposal about barely cultivation. She is optimistic that one day she will have the

“opportunity to implement it” and support the well-being of her community.  Basmeh said,” this project is so special to me and will be successful!”.


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