Shaml is a coalition of Syrian CSOs that have got together around the objective of empowering Syrian civil society to have a larger role in reaching Democracy, Human Rights, Gender and All-citizens Equality in the future of Syria. Shaml is committed of a group of some of the most successful and promising Syrian CSOs who have a wealth of expertise in providing a range of services; from Human Rights advocacy, Education, Women Empowerment, Psychosocial Support services, Peacebuilding and Conflict transformation, to life-saving assistance, and relief and basic services. Geographically they operate in different areas both inside Syria and with refugees in neighboring countries. Shaml members currently include: Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Emissa, Kesh Malek, Local Development and Small Projects Support office (LDSPS), Olive Branch, and Women Now for Development.

"Shaml as a distinguishing mark in the best practices of civil organizations for building stronger organizations, Shaml aims to support CSOs to professionally perform their work and can respond to the development of the Syrian society needs, and building Democratic Syria dominated by justice and freedoms, and ensure respect for all the civil and social rights"
Fadi Hakim
SHAML Executive director

Partner organization



Kesh Malek is a Non-governmental Non-profit CSO that was established as part of the Syria revolution non-violence movement in late 2011. Kesh Malek work in three areas: Advocacy, Education and community and cultural centres. Their activities inside Syria take place in the province of Aleppo, and their advocacy work has successfully targeted Syrians inside and outside Syria and the wider international community.


Women Now is the largest Syrian women’s organization dedicated to strengthening women’s role in Syrian and host communities; by enhancing their political, social, economic and cultural participation. Women Now Established in Paris in June 2012, works through its centres in Idlib Province and Lebanon, and participates in research and advocacy work to advance women rights


Basmeh & Zeitooneh for Relief and Development is a Non-Governmental Non-Profit CSO registered in Lebanon, Turkey, USA and UK. They work mainly in Lebanon and Turkey, in several sectors including, Education, Protection, Food Security and Livelihoods, and relief. B&Z have previously worked in cooperation and coordination with several UN agencies, INGOs, Local NGOs, CBOs and LACs.


Space Of Hope is a Non-governmental Non-profit humanitarian and CSO dedicated to humanitarian work in the sectors of protection, education, livelihoods, and development. Established on 1/7/2012. The first charity licensed by the Aleppo Governorate Free Council decision


missa is a Syrian CSO registered in Turkey, working in a number of sectors; including: emergency response, education, health, protection and livelihood projects, and WASH in addition to community building .and society


Syrian civil society organization, registered in Turkey, primarily working in the field of Local Governance, basic service delivery and CSO empowerment. They operate mainly in Eastern Ghouta


Olive Branch is a Syrian CSO that has been working since 2012; it aims at building and developing stronger communities through focusing on Education,Protection,livelihoods, women's empowerment and community awareness. Olive Branch operates mostly in Southern areas of Syria, mainly in Deraa and Quneitra, and more recently they have started working in several Northern areas of Syria.

Our Activity

This report covers implemented projects by Shaml civil society organizations since The beginning of 2017 until June 2018, including activities in relief, development, and civil work. Activities have been A33 sub-districts and 65 community. ached In 2017-2018 .

Females beneficiaries :729,291Distributed Over :1,429,982

Males beneficiaries :700,691Distributed Over :1,429,982


Shaml is an open coalition, and its general assembly is an open authority to join for both individuals and organizations equally.It encourages and welcomes other CSOs to join its membership. The most essential aspect for any CSO that wishes to join Shaml is to share its values and vision, and agrees to work with other organizations to build the future of Syria in conformity with these aspirations.The aim of this approach is to welcome new members on a value basis to maintain harmony and consistency within the member organizations with regards to its values and objectives. Shaml Board of Directors is the eligible authority to accept membership applications that fulfill the terms and conditions.